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Our digital signage products encompass a wide range of solutions, including video wall mounts. Whether your digital signage needs are for entertainment, advertising, or information sharing, we have creative, compelling solutions your audience wants to see. Wall mount decors your wall, minimal space usage and ample benefits for viewers. The interface is intuitive and well-designed.


Our Stand alone units are designed with superior aesthetics for a sleek and finished look that will transform your environment. To make the operating experience even simpler, we heavily utilize content scheduling, allowing them to program their content in advance and then let it run. Also we make great use of video and slideshows, displaying montages of the products being showcased.


Promoting amenities on screens in the elevators – a hard-to-miss spot – ensures guests are aware of what’s available to them and how they can make the best of their stay. Guests are sure to never miss a party, have to ask about operating hours or even wonder if they’ll need an umbrella outside, as the screens also display the local weather. We find it very easy to manage our content.


Kiosk is a eye-balling medium which can be built as per the requirements. A digital signage kiosk is a standee with has an in-built player connected to the screens which can be updated from any remote location by using digital signage software.


Bion Media Player allows you to stream content hosted on Cloud servers onto your Digital signages. The players are robust, reliable and highly performance driven. Media Player is an interface between the LED signage and the server hosted on remote system.


Bion feedback system could be a single point modem without any help for customer to fill his/her opinion, this software solution is highly intuitive. It allows you to showcase positive feedback from actual customers. The interface is interactive.
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Our Services

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Digital Signage Solutions

We provide various display solutions to best achieve your unique marketing needs. Our solutions are created to visually enhance customer experience and increase customer attention. We aim to inform, influence and persuade customer decision.

Content Creation

With the installation of any signage you are only half way there, the other half would be content displayed in your signages. This is to inform, guide and convert your potential customers into paying clients. We know that content is king and that it can be used as a strong and effective marketing tool.

Content Management

With various seasonal and festival offers promoted by you constantly, new product launches to be updated repeatedly in your signages, you would require a fast and reliable management system. We take care of this completely for you with our cloud based management services.

Visual Effects and Graphics Design

We have an in-house Visual effects and Graphics design team that specifically design content for your signages. This helps to promote brand awareness and increase customer footprint.

Video Production

We produce videos that specifically targets customers in various sectors to better visualize products. We provide the best customer service coupled with robust and superior videos.

Décor Integration

We truly understand the trouble involved in creating the perfect decor. The time, energy and resources spent by you in achieving this. We ensure that our signages don't stand out like a sore thumb, and make sure that they seamlessly blend into your decor as though they were designed to occupy the intended space.

Subscription Services

We provide digital content at subscription plans suited to tailor your needs.

Leasing Services

We provide leasing and rental solutions for your Events & Exhibitions with the customized content that best suits your needs.

Support and Maintenance

Our digital signages having been designed from extremely reliable and robust, all come standard with a 3 year warranty.









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A Little About Us

Committed Teams delivering Accelerated Products

We are a Digital Marketing company. We specialize in creation of digital media content for various platforms such as video, print media, display advertising, internet, social media, etc.

Our digital signage systems intend to Captivate the audience, Educate, Inform & Entertain, Sell Products & Services and Promote brands.

On a broad spectrum, we design solutions that will help create long-term relationships, not just showcase products.

Even the most luxurious chains are constantly looking for ways to modernize and enhance the guest experience. Digital signage has turned our installed areas into information hubs, for the benefit of both the client and its audience.

“ Marketing is no longer about the things we make, but the stories we tell.”

Seth Godin, Renowned Author

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